Calculate the Area of a Circle
Area = pi x r 2 Pi (already entered by default)
Enter the Radius
The Area =
Caclulate the Volume of a Cylinder
** Note: This uses the area from the above calculation **
Volume = pi x r2 x L Enter the Length -->
The Volume =

Calculate the Real Volume of the Pressure Chamber
Chamber Volume - Nested Barrel Volume = Factored VolumeEnter Chamber Volume Enter Nested Barrel Volume
Factored Volume of Chamber =

Calculate the Chamber to Barrel Ratio
Ratio = Chamber Volume / Barrel Volume Enter the Chamber Volume
Enter the Barrel Volume
The Ratio =

Calculate the Muzzle Pressure of the Gun
Set Values:
  • Chamber Presure : Pc
  • Barrel Pressure : Pb (@ the muzzle)
  • Average Pressure : Pa
  • Chamber Volume : Vc
  • Barrel Volume : Vb
  • Chamber Pressure : 100 psi
Pb = (Pc x Vc) /(Vb + Vc)
Enter the Chamber Volume Enter the Barrel Volume
Enter the Chamber Pressure
Muzzle Pressure =

Calculate the Average Pressure of the Gun
Average Pressure = (Chamber Pressure + Muzzle Pressure)/2 Enter the Chamber Pressure
Enter the Muzzle Pressure
The Average Pressure =

Calculate the Average Force on the Projectile
Average Force = Average Pressure * Area of End of ProjectileEnter the Average Pressure = Enter the Area of Projectile
Average Pressure =

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